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Brutal Footage Shows a Stoat Taking Down a Massive Hare

This stoat took down a hare with brutal efficiency, even though the hare outweighs it three-fold in this difficult-to-watch video.

Sometimes nature fools us all into believing that only a large animal can kill and eat another one that’s the same size or bigger- enter this little guy.

The stoat, also known as the short-tailed weasel, is an active predator and its favorite meal is the hare. As shown in the video, this time is no different.

Warning: the video clearly and vividly shows one animal killing another to eat and survive

That little weasel is just dynamite. There’s no telling how long it had to battle the hare from this footage, but with a stoat on him like his white color, that hare didn’t stand a chance.

Stoats are partly identified by the prominent black tip on their tail as this one has. During the winter months their fur is a dense white changing to a sandy brown in the summer.

It’s still incredible to see an animal that is so much smaller than its prey just devastate it like that.


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Brutal Footage Shows a Stoat Taking Down a Massive Hare