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Video: Don't Tell This Guy He Can't Take His Glock to the Milwaukee Zoo

William Polster knew his rights and schooled sheriff deputies on the law.

William Polster wanted to spend the day at the Milwaukee Zoo celebrating his girlfriend's birthday, who, according to him, 'likes elephants.' The outspoken gun-rights activist sported his usual wardrobe out on the weekend of August 12: Second Amendment patches on a well-worn vest and his .45 caliber Glock. It didn't take long for sheriff deputies to take notice.

While wandering around one of the farm exhibit areas, an officer stopped Polster and stated that firearms weren't allowed in the park. It was then that Polster began recording his interactions with the deputies and got into a legal debate that went on for more than an hour. Polster knew his rights; the deputies did not.

The following is the first rule posted on the Milwaukee Zoo website:

The Milwaukee County Zoo does not allow the open or concealed carry of any weapons in any Zoo building or during any posted special event on Zoo grounds.

And as you'll hear in the video, Polster says the following to the deputies:

"Local municipalities can prohibit in buildings but not grounds."

Ultimately, officers agreed with Polster and he was free to continue his day at the zoo.

When asked by WISN 12 News' Colleen Henry if it is necessary to bring a gun to the zoo, Polster replied:

"Absolutely. Shootings happen at the zoo. Shootings happen at school, at theaters. People have the right to defend themselves."

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