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Coyote Hitches Ride in Car Grill After Being Struck in Alberta


This coyote travelled 20 miles...all while stuck snuggly in a vehicle's grill.

Georgie Knox was driving to work in September of 2017 when she struck a coyote  on QEII highway in Alberta, Canada.

She was certain she had killed the unlucky animal due to the loud "crunch" she heard. It turns out this coyote was in fact as lucky as they come. Instead of being killed, it miraculously hitched a ride in the front grill of Knox's Toyota for a 20-mile journey.

A keen motorist told Knox at a traffic light that she had a passenger--and a live one at that. As you can imagine, both relief, shock, and sadness came flooding out all at once.

"I was in shock!" she told CTV Calgary in a written message. "When I first hit him I felt terrible, thinking I killed him. I felt horrible when I realized I took him with me all the way from Airdrie. I thought he must be suffering and was going to die so I was very upset."


Alberta Fish and Wildlife and the Calgary Police Service were called to the scene to carefully remove the coyote from the grill. A biologist gave the well-travelled coyote the once-over, at which point he gave it a clean bill of health. Alberta Fish and Wildlife officers released the animal back to the general area where it first hitched its ride, but away from traffic hazards.

Here's the release video:

Fish and Wildlife Officers release coyote

On September 3rd, a motorist accidentally struck this coyote on the highway. The coyote became lodged in the grill and was stuck while the car was moving for approximately 20-25 minutes. The motorist phoned Fish and Wildlife officers immediately after realizing the coyote was stuck in the grill. The attending Fish and Wildlife officer was able to release the coyote from the grill with the assistance of members of the Calgary Police Service. The officer assessed the animal and concluded that the animal showed no signs of injury or disease. The coyote also showed no signs of being habituated to humans. With no concerns detected, the coyote was released back into the same approximate geographic area it came from but further west, away from traffic hazards. While Fish and Wildlife officers are not able to intervene in every case of injured wildlife, this officer was able to assist in this case. Over and above his regular duties of catching poachers, the officer has been involved in many rescues over the years, but this was the first time he has seen a coyote stuck in the grill of a car.

Posted by Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

We know that cats have nine lives, so perhaps coyotes do too! Whatever the case, this one is truly lucky.


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