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Facebook: Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Video: Coastguard Helicopter Saves Stranded Fisherman

The fact the angler was even still alive is crazy enough.

In a video from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency Facebook page, we see a helicopter flying over some very rough, 48-degree water near England in an attempt to rescue a fisherman who was stranded, floating in a life jacket.

The water looks so rough that it's hard to even see the stranded angler, Reagan, until the descending rescuer is literally right on top of him.

Because of the rough conditions and the fact it was already dark outside, it's hard to see a lot of what's going on. However, you can certainly tell this this helicopter was this man's last hope.

Watch the video below:

"This is an incredible rescue story," Captain Jörg Brunner from the HM Coastguard helicopter said in the post. "We got the call to help just five minutes after the fisherman had fallen overboard."

Brunner added that winds were over 60 knots, so they were prepared for a long, thorough search. However, they were lucky to see the fisherman's smoke marker and life ring, which were over 1,300 feet from the fisherman.

"We flew towards that position and saw the casualty immediately as he was wearing a reflective life jacket," he said. "We lowered our winchman into the water in very rough conditions and conducted a double-winch recovery, which only took about 2 minutes. Once on board, we flew straight to Derriford Hospital and handed him over to A&E department, where we ahve neow hear that he's doing well and in good spirits."

All of us here are happy to hear Reagan is OK!