giant school of fish
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Video: How Are There That Many Fish Beneath the Ice?

No matter how long you've been ice fishing, we'd bet you've never seen anything like this.

Ice fishing fishing is unlike anything else. No matter what kind of fish you're targeting, there's something about being able to literally stand on the water, especially when the ice is clear enough to look through.

Whenever you do get a bite, you never really know what to expect when it comes time to pull it though, as there's no telling what's actually down there.

However, that's not quite the case in this clip, as these ice fishermen are able to see a massive school of fish directly beneath them.

Watch the video below:

Holy cow! How many fish do you think are down there under the ice? Granted none of those fish look like 12-foot sturgeon, but is that awesome to see or what?

What do you think your approach would be here? Do you think you'd go straight in like these guys did, or do you think you'd try to keep them around for a while using a slightly less aggressive approach?

Either way, I'd have to imagine your odds of catching a fish would be pretty high!

This video comes to us from The College of St. Scholastica - Physical Therapy Facebook page, which apparently got it from one of the physical therapy students.

According to the description within the post, the student, Jake B., captured this footage while ice fishing on Lake Superior.

It's hard to tell what kind of fish they are, although my guess would either be lake trout or lake sturgeon.

Regardless, though, thank you to Jake for sharing the video for all of to enjoy.