Body Armor

Video: Can You Make Body Armor Out of Tinfoil?

Can 700 yards of tin foil stop a bullet? Let's find out.

In the latest wave of "can it stop a bullet?" tests to hit the internet, Demolition Ranch decides to see if you can use tin foil as body armor.

While 700 yards of tin foil is certainly a lot, is it enough to actually stop a bullet?

This is one of the few experiments Matt has done that has just outright failed completely. You'd think 700 yards of tinfoil would be enough to slow down a bullet, but you'll still probably end up dead if you get hit. Usually when Matt does these experiments, he's able to stop or slow down some of the smaller rounds enough that one could still survive. That wasn't the case here.

But we feel like Matt didn't take this one quite far enough. He should've continued flattening and hardening the foil. The more compacted the foil gets, the harder it should get. We don't expect it would be entirely bulletproof, but it should be a lot more effective.

In any case, we still won't be utilizing a makeshift tin foil body armor suit anytime soon!