YouTube: DemolitionRanch

Archer Tries to Shoot 10 Arrows at Once in Video Game Myth-Busting Experiment

How many arrows can you shoot at one time?

We've all seen TV shows and movies where an archer uses a bow to shoot multiple arrows and hit multiple targets with just one shot. I once played a game where it was possible to shoot three flaming arrows at the same time. Realistic? Probably not, but that was also a game featuring robotic dinosaurs, so realism wasn't exactly what the developers were going for.

In any case, if you ever wondered about the logistics of multiple arrows at once. Not to worry, Demolition Ranch has us covered there once again. He saw a trailer for a similar video game where an archer took out five guys at once with one shot from a bow. Instead of just rolling his eyes at it and moving on with his day, instead it got the gears churning in Matt's mind.

In typical fashion, he ups the ante to an extreme, possibly dangerous level.

So there you have it. You CAN shoot that many arrows at once, they just won't all be as accurate as they were in the video game.

This experiment kind of takes the wind out of all the movies and video games where the hero uses multiple arrows effectively. It looks like you could get two, maybe three to do some damage, but certainly not like what was shown in the game trailer.

Still, having 10 arrows on your bow at once looks pretty awesome. It's a shame it didn't work more effectively.

And to answer Matt's question, I still think I'd prefer to get hit with one full-force arrow. With multiple arrows come multiple chances to take out your eyes or for one to hit you in the vitals. I'd prefer not to be a human pincushion.

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