Flex Seal

Video: Can Flex Seal Really Repair a Giant Hole in a Boat?

Can you really patch a huge hole in a boat with flex seal?

Flex Seal, the "miracle cure" liquid-rubber material makes some pretty bold claims in their numerous TV commercials. From taping together a sawed-in-half boat to making a boat with a screen for a bottom float again, there are reasons to be skeptical of the product.

Someone finally decided to see if the boat claims were actually true. YouTube fishing celebrity Alex Peric, aka apbassing, his dad and his friends decide to put the screen bottom boat claim to the test.

Watch the video below to see yourself:

We had a feeling this experiment was in trouble the first time he tried rolling the Flex Seal on the screen. But there's no doubt the commercials lie. We've been waiting a long time to see someone actually put Flex Seal's ridiculous commercial claims to the test.

In fairness, the boat did float. It didn't last very long, but it did float long enough for him to catch a fish! It actually held up better than we were expecting, considering the difficulty they had putting the stuff on the screens. Clearly this stuff wasn't actually made for a repair job this extreme.

We'd be very curious to know exactly how the scenes in the commercial were made after seeing this experiment. We're really hoping Peric tests other claims by this product like sawing a boat in half and using only Flex Tape to piece it back together.