moose vs. deer

Video: Bull Moose vs. Stag as Lopsided as It Gets

A bull moose and a stag go toe-to-toe in a battle of the heavyweights and only one can win.

It may look at first as though a young bull moose is battling a whitetail buck, but after a minute or so it's fairly obvious that the second animal is some other kind of deer. Despite the size difference though, the smaller creature puts up quite the fight.

While it was a losing battle, that toy-sized stag never gives up even though it is seriously overmatched. The battle seems to have occurred on a game preserve somewhere near Timmins, Ontario.

It's a testament to the fortitude of the smaller animal that it puts up such a good effort, but in the end, there could only be one result. Watch as one tough little stag tries to hold on against a much larger opponent.

Whether or not this is a hunting preserve or just a nature viewing area, it still seems obvious that the deer—possibly a fallow deer—is not native to that area. This isn't the first time we've seen two strangely opposite animals in an area where they can't seem to get along, such as the ram that tried to take on a big buck in Texas.

Whatever the case, just the sheer size of the moose was enough to take the fight to his opponent, even nearly drowning him!

In the end, the smaller deer was able to "run away to fight another day" as it were and live to try again.

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