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Video: Black Bear Mom Caught on Trail Cam Nursing Her Four Cubs

Trail Cam
Alberta Conservation Association/Facebook

Perfect trail cam placement results in an adorable capture of bear cubs.

We all strive to capture the best images or videos with our trail cameras. But for those running units, it can often be a crapshoot on whether you'll get that stellar shot.

Back in June, the Alberta Conservation Association got lucky with one of their trail cams, capturing a mother black bear and her four cubs. Having her sit down in front of the camera while letting the little ones nurse was definitely the icing on the cake, though!

Turn up your speakers, as these black bear cubs sure are vocal when it comes to getting their fill of milk:

Black Bear Nursing Cubs

Back in June one of our trail cameras caught this black bear nursing her four cubs.

Posted by Alberta Conservation Association on Monday, September 17, 2018

This momma bear definitely has her paws full with this foursome!

This is just another cool moment in nature captured with a trail cam.

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Video: Black Bear Mom Caught on Trail Cam Nursing Her Four Cubs