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Video: Angler Lands 266-Pound Alligator Gar

Alligator gar fishing in Texas is like nothing else.

The secret has been out for some time now: Texas' Trinity River is the place to catch monster alligator gar.

Texans have known this for years, but the hit television series, "River Monsters," alerted the rest of the country.

Alligator gar are known to live in many of the southern states, but there's no doubt the Trinity is the alligator gar mecca.

As you can see in the following clip, one of the biggest attractants alligator gar boast is unquestionably their size, as they grow into absolute monsters. This one was estimated to be about 266 pounds, which is just about as big as North American freshwater fish get.

Watch the video below:

With the combination of their size, their dinosaur-like appearance or their mouthful of razor-sharp teeth, alligator gar demand a different kind of attention. Many non-fishing folks have never even heard of one and would have no idea they're swimming in the same rivers they jump in when it gets hot out.

Many anglers look to bowfish for alligator gar, as they've become widely recognized as the ultimate bowfishing trophy, but nothing beats the satisfaction of fighting a monster fish on a rod and reel. Just make sure you rig it up with a steel leader so you don't lose a bunch of rigs to those teeth.

Congrats to this angler on a great catch!