Victorian Bulldogs Are an Adorable Crossbreed

The sole purpose of the Victorian Bulldog breed is to create a healthier bulldog.

Victorian Bulldogs are a cross between English Bulldogs, Bull Terriers, Bull Mastiffs, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers. With that in mind, this breed has a very distinct appearance.

Who came up with this idea?

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According to American Bully Daily, Ken Mollet has a brilliant idea of reviving the 1800s kind of bulldogs and make a canine that is healthier, as well as taller. Ken Mollet began his breeding programs in the 1980s, and he used statues, written records and old photographs from the 19th to gain insight on breeding the dog.

"Today the Victorian canine is now a favorite Bulldog pet that has fewer health problems, more athletic and a lovable personality." 

What is a Victorian Bulldog?

The American Bully Daily tells us that Victorian Bulldogs are medium in size, with a thick-boned and muscular body, wide chest and large heads that are proportionate in size.

  • The dog's head rests on a large muscular neck and has a turned-up short, broad muzzle with a jaw that has a square bite.
  • The eyes are dark and set low as well as forward in the face.
  • The coat sheds a medium amount of hair. The ears of the Victorian Bulldogs are button-shaped or medium to short rose-shaped with no cropping.
  • Lastly, the canine's tail is either straight, corkscrew, but not carried over its back, or turns down.

What about their temperament? 

The Victorian Bulldog is known to be a loyal and brave dog and has become very popular amongst those who love the bulldog breeds and want a healthier and larger version.

According to Dog Breed Plus, with the right care, it is a dog that can be relied upon. It is trustworthy with its family and is affectionate, calm and dedicated. It has the typical temperament of a bulldog — It is social, steadfast, loves human companionship and does not like to be left alone for long periods of time.

These dogs are protective and are alert, so they are good watchdogs and good guard dogs, too. Socialization is important with strangers as it is wary and you do not want that to turn into suspicion. 

Do they have any health issues? 

Be sure to talk to your reputable breeder about Victorian Bulldog Puppies when you're doing research.

Some examples of health issues include skin allergies or skin problems, hip dysplasia, and obesity. This popular breed can also have breathing problems since they're a brachycephalic breed with a short snout.

They make wonderful family pets! Their coat colors are beautiful and range from:

  • Red
  • Solid White
  • Fawn
  • Pied
  • Fallow with white markings

Are they a good guard dog? Yes! The breed is good with children and other pets, as well as being a loyal and protective animal. Not only have you had a wonderful pet companion, but also a useful guard dog. With all dogs, the Victorian Bulldog will need obedience training to ensure they're social with the entire family. Their trainability is through the roof!

Do you know anyone that lives with a Victorian Bulldog? Let us know what characteristics you love about this breed!

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