Veteran's Service Dog By His Side Until He Passes Away, Now He's at Animal Control

If you look at the San Bernadino City Animal Control page you would never know the real story so we are grateful the Pet Rescue Report provided some details and context for the piece. Read more about Riley's story and please share this everywhere so we can get him out of animal control.

The story is about a Vietnam veteran's faithful service dog that was with his owner on the day that the man died and he refused to leave his side. The dog is currently locked away in isolation at San Bernadino City Animal Control. He's categorized as agitated and wouldn't you be?

Pet Rescue Report tells us that Riley, a nine-year-old retriever mix, is described as "very agitated" at the facility. He's literally lived with one man helping him with issues like PTSD and stayed by his side until the end and now we need someone to get over there and get him out of animal control.

An advocate has shared what is known of Riley's story:

"He was found lying next to the man who served his country with the same distinction, days after he died. Riley was fiercely loyal and protective of this soldier and since his next of kin was unable to care for Riley, he was brought to the shelter. We must treat our veterans better-both human and canine. Please share Riley's story. He needs a reason to live."

You can find the Petharbor link where Riley is here.

For more information about this animal, call San Bernardino City Animal Control at (909) 384-1304. 

The Vietnam Veteran likely dealt with post-traumatic stress disorder. Service animals are always trained to handle many situations but no animal is trained to deal with isolation at animal control.

Please consider the well-being of this animal trained to deal with humans with mental health issues, panic attacks, PTSD symptoms, and other health care issues that an army veteran may need help with. Perhaps this dog can also live with a family that needs a service animal.

This dog may also be considered as an emotional support animal for a family. All service-dog-advocates please share this story and perhaps we can get Riley a home. This was this man's best friend, let's find him another best friend, please.

The description is that Riley is a black Labrador Retriever mix.

How can you help? Leave a comment below with your story. 

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