Scandinavian Venison Hunters Stew with Bacon and Onion Dumplings
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25 Delicious Venison Recipes, From Our Favorite Chefs and Hunters

From meatloaf to tenderloin, these mouth-watering venison recipes are sure to do your harvest justice.

With whitetail deer hunting season upon us, it's time to dust off your favorite venison recipes and add some new recipes into rotation. With its lean and rich flavor, venison is a healthy source of protein. Deer meat has many nutrition benefits, not to mention you know exactly where your meat came from.

Still, some people shy away from venison, citing a gamey taste. That's where a decent recipe is the ideal solution. When cooked correctly, deer meat can make a seriously tasty meal. Choose from your favorite cuts of venison, such as backstrap, roast, shank, or tenderloin, and find a recipe.

You can cook venison in many ways: in a slow cooker, in a Dutch oven, on the BBQ, or while camping. From succulent roasts that melt in your mouth to savory venison stews that are the ultimate comfort food, these 25 of our favorite venison recipes cook up your wild game meat in a wide variety of delicious meals. There really is no limit when you save the best venison recipes close at hand!

Our Favorite Venison Recipes

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