Vaughn Gittin Jr. Drifts the 'Ring with Ford Performance

When life gives you a rained-out Nürburgring, just grab the keys to a Ford Raptor!

Vaughn Gittin, Jr., drifter and "professional funhaver," recently traveled to Germany to drift his Mustang RTR around the Nürburgring. When he got there, however, the weather was rainy and the track was wet. Apparently, "drifting in the rain is boring," so he teamed up with Ford Performance to make the most of his day with a Ford F-150 Raptor.

Acting more a teaser for his RTR shenanigans, this video does show how much fun the Raptor is to drive. But we already knew that!

This isn't the first time we've seen the Raptor out on the track, though. Earlier this year, Ford Performance put all of its products - including the GT racecar - on a track together for an incredible eight-way race. Still, watching the Raptor getting sideways on one of the world's most iconic stretches of roadway.

Now, before you start booking your trip to Germany to pull a similar stunt, just be warned that drifting is not allowed during public driving sessions at the Nürburgring.