Varmint Hunting Gear
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Varmint Hunting Gear: The Complete Setup to Get the Job Done

These are the must-have pieces you can't hunt varmints and predators without.

Whether you're chasing bobcats, coyotes, squirrels, groundhogs, foxes, or prairie dogs, you'll need the right gear to get the job done while predator or varmint hunting.

Because much like big game or waterfowl hunting, you can greatly increase your odds by having the proper predator hunting gear ready ahead of time.

At a bare minimum these are the things every predator hunter needs to consider adding to their arsenal this season.

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Guns & Ammo

Your choice of firearm will depend on your prey, but some all-around favorite cartridges include .22LR, .223 Remington, .243 Winchester, and .17 HMR. Varmint rifles are relatively affordable, so you can invest in the best gun for rabbits or wild hogs or any other individual species. Consider something like the Savage Arms 93R bolt action in .17 HRM for critters like prairie dogs. If you are planning to hunt coyotes, consider a rifle like the Ruger American Rifle Predator in .223. Oh, one other quick hunting tip. If you'll be shooting at long range, be sure to invest in a bipod, tripod, or shooting sticks to steady your shot.

Predator Calls & Decoys

For coyotes, foxes, and the like, consider either electronic calls or mouth calls held by lanyards. Check your state regulations on game calls to make sure the devices are legal where you're hunting, then look for realistic calls that mimic rabbit or bird distress sounds. Some of the best choices include calls from FOXPRO, Primos, Mojo Outdoors ICOtec, and Lucky Duck. Many of these electronic calls have optional predator decoy attachments some controlled via remote from afar.


Regardless of what, where, and when you're hunting, you should bring some sort of optics. A high-quality rangefinder, binos, and possibly even a night vision riflescope mounted to your rig can all greatly improve your odds while varmint hunting. You'll typically be aiming at smaller targets, so it's best to know the exact distance you'll be shooting and be sure of what's in your crosshairs.


For predator hunting particularly coyote hunting at night, you'll likely need a headlamp or good flashlight to navigate the woods. Hunting lights can also be a must when night hunting, particularly if you're not using night vision optics. FOXPRO also offers a variety of hunting lights you can carry or mount to your gun.

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