Vacationing Doctor Saves Young Girl's Life After Shark Attack
Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images

Vacationing Doctors Saved Young Alabama Girl's Life After Shark Attack In Florida — Right Place, Right Time

We've previously covered the story of Lulu Gribbin, who experienced a life-changing shark attack in Florida. The 15-year-old lost a hand and a leg due to injuries from the animal. However, it's very likely she would have died if it hadn't been for vacationing doctors in Florida.

Dr. Ryan Forbess and Dr. Mohammed Ali were vacationing at the beach when they saw the near-deadly shark attack. The doctors realized that someone had been attacked when they saw blood in the water. Forbes had been vacationing with his fellow hospital staff and family when the attack occurred.

"My friend Dr. (Mohammed) Ali and I vacation together yearly at 30 Rosemary Beach, so I was boogie boarding with my son, who was boarding with his daughter. Then, all of a sudden, we heard a lot of commotion to the left of us while we were in the water," Forbess told WBRC. Initially, they fled the water, but upon seeing the blood, they went into action. The two went to work saving her life.

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"They pulled the girl out onto the beach, and then we were able to start working on getting the blood stopped, and we were able to get tourniquets to secure her airway," Forbess told WBRC. "She was going in and out of consciousness. She was up talking, but she was in and out."

Doctors Treat Shark Attack

Meanwhile, other medical professionals came to help. Ali managed to find the wounds and stop the bleeding until emergency services arrived. Emergency services then airlifted her to a nearby hospital. She survived but faced severe injuries. She's currently recovering with many across the nation wishing her a swift recovery.

Mayor Tony Kennon called Forbess "truly our local hero." The mayor said the 15-year-old "healing, thanks to the actions of Dr. Forbess, Dr. Ali and the others." He gave the doctors a certificate of recognition. The two acted and saved the girl's life.

"Whereas, while on his annual family vacation at Rosemary Beach, Florida, Dr. Forbess and his best friend Dr. Mohammed Ali were in the Gulf of Mexico with their children on Friday, June 7th when nearby a teenage girl suffered life-threatening injuries from a shark attack," the honor says.

"Whereas, seeing the severity of the situation, both doctors as well as other medical professionals on vacation, including an EMT and ER nurse, sprang into action and put their expertise to work to save the young woman's life..."