UTV That Turns Into a Speedboat.... Where Do We Sign?

If this vehicle is legit, it might be the ultimate hunting and fishing tool.

This might be the coolest thing an outdoorsman sees all year. A UTV/Speedboat all in one.

Side by sides, or UTVs, are a very common piece of equipment on farms and hunting camps these days. They allow for comfortable rides while having peak performance for trails and ample room for hauling things. Farm materials, hunting equipment, and your harvest for example can fit in the beds more efficiently than on a regular fourwheeler.

When seeing this video, as an avid deer and duck hunter my mind goes wild of thinking of how beneficial this vehicle could be. The places you could get to where you usually wouldn't be too would give you a great advantage in the woods. Especially on public land, where going deeper where others can't will often lead to more success.

Now of course, everything you see on the internet isn't always true or as effective as the videos can show. But after checking out their web page, the Gibbs Terraquad seems to be a legit product and this video is pretty impressive.

Reaching 50 mph on land and 45mph on water, this UTV literally gives you the best of both worlds. The Terraquad is a derivative of Gibbs's Quadski, but it is making waves on social media as hunters tag their buddies in it, as they daydream of how awesome this would be for getting to the duck blind.

The only downfall I can see from the specifications on their website is that the Terraquad is rear wheel drive and not 4x4. And it also only has the carrying capacity for two people, which might be a problem for some hunts.

Either way, the technology and innovation is amazing, and you can guarantee some cools things will come in the future. Pricing is not available from the webpages I checked, but I can assume it is a pretty steep amount.

But we are all thinking the same thing...take my money!

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