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Utah Juveniles in Big Trouble for Shooting, Running Over Deer with Cars

Teens busted for killing spree of at least 19 deer.

It's one of those stories where you want to knock some sense into the kids and slap the parents. Four boys from Emery County Utah have been convicted of a deer killing spree that includes at least 19 deer.

The killing spree took place between December and January of last year. The deer were killed in a variety of ways including poaching by gun and running them over by car.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) said in a statement that there may be "several more injured deer that weren't found."

Local sportsmen stepped up to aid in the investigation and help officials look for injured or dead deer.

Charges for the four boys range from third-degree felonies of destruction of protected wildlife to misdemeanors of shooting a gun from a vehicle, spotlighting, and aggravated animal abuse. One of the boys lost his hunting, fishing, and furbearer license privileges for 13 years. His rifle was seized and he was taken to juvenile detention. Another boy lost his privileges for seven years. All of the boys were ordered to pay fines and make donations to the Help Stop Poaching Program. Fines ranged from $400 to $6,500.

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Utah Juveniles in Big Trouble for Shooting, Running Over Deer with Cars