7 Creative Ways to Mount Your Deer

Here are some ideas to consider for your next deer mount.

There are few things that get deer hunters as excited as seeing a well-done mount honoring the animal and preserving the memories of a great hunt. Here are some great ideas from which you can draw inspiration for your next trophy. Some are classic. Others are creative. They're all pretty cool.

The Full Jump

A stand-alone display including a full mount of your trophy. Action shots like this are becoming more and more popular with taxidermists and deer enthusiasts alike.

European Gallery

No, not that kind of European Gallery. This idea is a great way to make a statement if you're the type of hunter that enjoys European style mounts, or if you want a creative idea to showcase your the findings from your shed hunting.

The Natural Habitat

This mount, and others like it, look to somehow highlight the deer in their natural environment. The impressive detail on this mount makes it a unique way to show a mature buck catching a meal.

The Full Jump - Part 2

Similar to the Full Jump above, this mount shows an impressive Muley on the downward side of crossing a fence line. The simple wood post and barbed wire add a cool, easy design element to an even cooler buck.

The Brawl

What better way to showcase two awesome deer than to place them on the same mount? Here's an interesting take on a brawl between two mature bucks.

The Shed

Love it or hate it, this one is an interesting way to showcase a trophy.

The Monarch

A subtle yet awesome way to honor a majestic beast. This one lands somewhere between a full and shoulder mount. And it's fantastic.

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