Using the Hail Call for Your Next Duck Hunt

This is why the hail call needs to be in your duck calling arsenal.

In this video you'll find out why the call can be used for more than just duck calling competitions. Check out this informational footage and you'll learn how to make this call and, more important, when to use it.

Using the hail call will help you to draw in ducks from a long distance, as it's meant to be loud and will carry if well executed. The hail call is similar to the greeting call, but it's louder and more drawn out.

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Did you hear what he said about the authenticity of the call? Since this call is supposed to be used when the ducks are far away, so they won't be able to tell is a fake call.

This call should only be used by sparingly, and is often overused my most duck hunters. The best time to use this call is in the beginning of the season. So practice and use this one early in the duck hunting season.