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Daniel Jares/Facebook

If You Use a Deer Stand, This Is One Story That's a Must-Read

There's a lesson to be learned from this treestand mishap out of Alabama.

With deer season upon us, we're already hearing about a number of tragic treestand mishaps across the country. Almost all of these accidents are preventable.

As you're about to read, he details his friend's horrifying fall from a climber stand and the quick response that likely saved his life. He fell because he wasn't wearing a safety harness. \

Daniel Jares posted the following story and images to his Facebook page:

"Need Prayers!!!! I got a phone call from the woods at about 2 o'clock from a good friend of mine. He could barely get Service, barely move his body from the chest down and could barely breathe. He had fallen from his climber without a safety harness. There was little to no service but I caught a few words as to where he was. (Close to river on a oak flat, your going to need a 4 wheel drive) I searched the woods for hours and hours in my truck just to find his truck so I could find a starting point. I notified Alabama Game Wardens first and the SAR. After 2 hours i drove up on his truck parked under a big tree (hidden from the air search helo) There was already 20+ people searching with no luck and finally we found a starting point. We tore off into the thickest nasty woods along the river you could imagine looking for what seemed like an hour. The Sun was going down quick and we knew we were running out of time. About 5 of us split up and started what was like a parallel grid search. I came up over a small ridge and I was yelling for him and I could just barely here something so I ran down and found him laying beside the tree. His climber cable pin broke up at the top so he put his house key in it and tried to come down and the key broke and his stand gave out, he was about 400 yards from the truck and it's a miracle we found him before dark. So ladies and gentleman, please wear your safety systems! You don't want to have a broken neck / back or even run the risk of losing your life. The officer said if I wouldn't have answered that call he probably wouldn't have made it(no service and his phone was dead when we got there). So please send prayers! I'm not going to mention his name because his family hasn't been notified yet.

Thank you to everyone that was there to help!"

treestand safety

Just this week, we brought you the riveting video that a hunter self-filmed immediately after falling out of his stand. Luckily he was wearing his safety tether.

Religiously inspect your stands, always wear a safety harness, and secure yourself immediately upon climbing that first step. In addition, tell someone the location you'll be hunting and when to expect you back and always ensure you have a fully charged phone with you. Even better, pick up a satellite SPOT device.

Be safe out there!

Images Courtesy of Daniel Jares/Facebook.

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