hotel guest headbutted by fleeing deer
Cary McCook

Unsuspecting Hotel Guest Headbutted by Fleeing Deer in B.C.

The best part is, this happened on April Fools Day!

Let's face it: checking in to a hotel at the end of a long journey is mundane to say the least. But for 25-year-old Cary McCook, he didn't even make it to the front door to do just that before being trampled by a runaway deer. Coincidentally, it was April Fools Day.

McCook had arrived at the Stork Nest Inn, located in Smithers, British Columbia, around 9pm that Saturday. In town for a training course, he was being dropped off at the hotel by a co-worker. But as you're about to see, similar to crossing a road, it might be wise to look both ways immediately after exiting a vehicle in this town.

Here's the unbelievable footage captured by the hotel's surveillance camera:

McCook never saw the deer coming, only hearing the 'clacking' of hooves at the last second before the massive headbutt sent him flying. Turns out, a dog was chasing the deer (if you look closely, you can see it run in front of the truck).

Since it was April Fools Day, friends and family were skeptical of his story, so back he went to the hotel - and was given permission to tape the footage to post on social media.

Other than a sore shoulder, McCook came out of the incredible encounter unscathed. And boy does he ever have a cool story to tell!

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