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Unique New Jabber Jaw Bait Debuts from 13 Fishing

The new Jabber Jaw crankbait produces an incredible chattering sound.

Anglers have long recognized the importance of incorporating sound into their baits. That is why people first started adding BBs to serve as rattles to stimulate a fish's lateral line and goad them into striking the lure. Over the years, more and more lure manufacturers have worked to tweak the sound and movement of different baits even more while attempting to create the perfect lure.

Lure developer 13 Fishing just announced their new "Jabber Jaw" crankbait which produces an incredible new rattling sounds thanks to a metal bill and jowls.

It gives this lure an incredible wiggling action and the sounds it produces are unlike anything you have heard from a crankbait before. Just watch the video below to see what we mean.

This design looks like a stroke of genius to us. The engineers at 13 Fishing took the features of a traditional, shallow-diving square billed crankbait and combined that with the metal bill of a chatterbait to create one of the more unique lures we have ever seen. In fact, our first thought was: "Why didn't we think of this?!?" This lure is generating some amazing sound. It should work quite well at grabbing the attention of bass and other game fish.

13 Fishing is going to offer this new clicking crankbait in 14 different realistic-looking color combinations. The HD holographic eyes of the Jabber Jaw help add to the illusion of a severely wounded baitfish. Combine that wobble with that sound and it is going to convince many bass that this is an easy meal just waiting to be slurped up.

These lures are fitted with VMC hybrid black nickel hooks. The Jabber Jaw will retail for approximately $11.99 each and will be available on July 13, just in time for mid and late summer fishing adventures.

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