Unfathomable: Whitetail Velvet Antler Growth in Just One Minute

Whitetails are starting to get on our mind as the velvet antlers begin to grow. Watch as this amazing video shows the growth process in under a minute.

Velvet bucks...we all love them. The velvet scouting season is about to kick off, and hunters all around are getting ready to put trail cameras out to take inventory on their bucks.

I know I can't wait to put my Covert Trail Cameras out and see what deer are in the area. But, have you ever thought about the antler growth process and just how long it takes for the bucks to reach their maximum growth?

Well, if so, I believe this video will be pretty interesting to you, as they break down the entire growth cycle in under a minute.

Pretty crazy to see just how fast they do grow. It is actually the fastest growing bone on earth. Despite velvet antler growth being extremely fast though, deer season just can't get here soon enough.

Until then, keep dreaming, and it will be here before you know it.

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