Underwater Drone Smallmouth
YouTube: Jay Siemens

Underwater Drone Helps Ice Anglers Find Smallmouth Bass

Fishing has changed a lot over the years, but ice fishing has stayed mostly the same. That is, until you start injecting modern technology into the mix. We know a lot of old-school anglers out there who want nothing to do with it. But some of us are loving the way it opens new windows into the world of the fish, helping us catch more than ever before possible. YouTuber Jay Siemens recently gave two of these newer pieces of tech a real test run fishing for smallmouth bass on a frozen lake in Canada.

In this video, Jay and one of his subscribers use the latest in Live Scope technology and, even cooler, an underwater drone to peek under the ice and get a look at a fish's world that is rarely seen before. If you never wanted an underwater drone before, there's a good chance you'll want one after seeing the incredible views it offers.

The technology for underwater camera systems just seems to keep getting better and better. The Live Scope makes for a ton of fun, too. The clarity of the drone footage was nothing short of remarkable. And the fish have never seen anything quite like it, so they were not scared away by it either. I don't know about you, but I want one of these—if for no other reason than so I can get a better understanding of the underwater terrain of my favorite fishing holes. The footage can be extremely helpful in understanding how much light and clarity there is at deeper locations, helping you make more informed decisions on what lures to throw. That goes for any time of year, not just when the lakes are iced over.

Just about all of us have a favorite fishing spot that also has a major mystery piece of cover that holds fish and hangs up lures. Being able to get eyes on what the cover is and why the fish relate to it can help in locating other hot spots in your favorite bodies of water. At $800, this drone is still pricey, but the cost appears to be going down. We won't be surprised if these things start coming in under the $500 mark in the next five years or so. Anything that helps us understand and catch more fish is a winner in our book!

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