Underwater Camera
YouTube: Jay Siemens

Underwater Camera Turned Fishing Lure Shows Pike From a Minnow's Perspective

Now we know what a baitfish feels like!

The northern pike is vicious freshwater predator that strikes quickly to swallow its prey. They are expert ambush predators and they can make for a fun day of fishing. Did you ever wonder what things must be like for the baitfish that have to share waters with them?

Well, wonder no more thanks the advancement of technology and the wonders of the Internet. YouTuber Jay Siemens was testing out an underwater camera that is meant to be attached forward of your fishing lure.

The idea is to get spectacular footage of fish striking your lure. When he noticed teeth marks on the camera, it got him wondering. Could he catch a northern pike using only the camera as a lure? He decided to add some hooks, a spinner blade, and find out. The footage is amazing to watch!

This is some of the coolest and most original fishing footage we have seen in a long time. We learned that life as a baitfish is probably pretty terrifying wherever northerns are found. Most probably never know what hit them. One moment they're happily swimming along and the next, they're in the pike's gullet.

There is a lot to be learned from watching footage like this. From the way some pike will follow and strike from behind to the ones that strike from out of nowhere in seconds. It was also interesting to see the footage at the end with a couple of close swipes that may not have registered to the angler working the pole.

One thing to keep in mind is that the camera was probably not designed for this purpose. It's amazing the camera has enough action to draw in strikes from the northerns like this. It just goes to show that you can catch a fish on almost anything if you are determined enough.

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