There's Nothing "Uncertain" About Visiting Uncertain, Texas

Not sure what to make of Uncertain, Texas? Well, we're here to help you figure out what's in everyone's favorite Harrison County destination. After all, there's a lot more to this Texas town than its quirky name.

Uncertain is located in East Texas, just miles from the state's border with Louisiana. Like other cities of its kind, it often makes the rounds on those viral lists of places with unusual names. However, the story behind its origin is pretty simple: As one legend had it when the early township was forming, its first citizens wrote "uncertain" on the blank line of the application where the name was supposed to go because they hadn't made up their minds yet. Hey, if it's not broken, why fix it? That being said, this is not the only account of the city's etymology, so you'll have to do your research if you want to be sure.

When people think of the Lone Star State, they often conjure up things like cowboys and cattle. But for those familiar with what was once the proud Republic of Texas, it's a different story. Rather than ranches and rodeos, when it comes to Uncertain, think bayous and Spanish moss. As you can imagine, this isn't Dallas we're talking about.

Things to Do in Uncertain

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Boat tours, fishing, and other forms of water recreation are the main reason for Uncertain road trips and getaways. The following are just a few of the town's best attractions. For more inspiration, consider checking out Tripadvisor or the humble hamlet's website at

  • Caddo Lake Tours: Although technically located in the neighboring burg of Karnack, several operators run tours off the shores of Caddo Lake State Park, and many dip into the Big Cypress Bayou it's connected to. Top-rated is Billy Carter's Go-Devil tours. Oh yea, there's also a 19th-century replica steamboat you can visit on the lake named the Graceful Ghost.
  • Big Lake: Here, you'll find Johnson's Ranch Marina, which is a good starting point for kayaking, canoeing, and other craft to maneuver cypress trees in. If you're feeling bold and have some alligator repellant handy, you could even row yourself into Louisiana.
  • Uncertain Flea Market: You can never be sure what you might find at the Uncertain Flea Market. There's the only way to ascertain an answer.

Uncertain, Texas Lodgings

If you're thinking of visiting Uncertain, Texas, you've got quite a few options to choose from. Below is a list of popular accommodations you can consider.

Your more rustic options include these destinations and rental agencies: Caddo Lake Cabins, Spatterdock, Cypress View Cabin, First Cast Cabins, and Hodgepodge Cottages.

On the fancier side, hotels you might consider in the area are the Caddo Lake Lodge and the Uncertain Inn Motel. There are even more options in the neighboring cities of Marshall and Jefferson in Texas and Shreveport across the water in Louisiana.

Camping in Uncertain, Texas

Although there are fewer options here, there are still some serious contenders. Caddo Lake State Park, Pine Island RV Park, and Shady Glade Resort come to mind, but be sure to do a Google search to review all your options.

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