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5 Ultimate Overlanding Adventures in the U.S.

Awesome overlanding adventures can be accessed right here in the U.S. Here are the top five.

Overlanding is gaining popularity, but many folks assume it's only done in an exotic, hard-to-reach place.

In reality, there are great overlanding locations far closer to you than you likely realize.

Here's the proof: five American locations where overlanding can be truly incredible.

Blue Ridge Mountains - Eastern U.S.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are a small range in the Appalachians. Stretching from Pennsylvania all the way down to Georgia, there is an abundance of trails and activities.

A lot of eastern overlanders plan adventures in the parts that pass through Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Having traveled around and camped in some of those areas, I would recommend starting with one or two of those four states.

There are so many trails making overlanding adventures easily customizable to your gear, skill, and preference. There is also a lot of hiking trails available to add to the adventure.

Alpine Loop - Colorado

Colorado is known for its beautiful mountains and the Alpine Loop trail provides a scenic view through the heart of them.

It can be accessed in a few areas, including Silverton and Ouray. Overlanders who have done the basic loop say it takes on average 7-8 hours to complete, but like many other trails, you can take detours or add in hikes and activities to lengthen the trip. The trail provides a great look into the majestic Western Rockies.

Moab, Utah

As if the diverse and unique scenery in Moab was not enough of a reason to go, the variety of trails make it an almost unbeatable destination. The rocky terrain offers challenges to expert overlanders. There are also more well beaten paths offering adventure to those new to it.

There are also several trails leading to Moab, so you can make getting there part of the journey.

Dalton Highway - Alaska

This 414 mile highway stretches from Fairbanks to Deadhorse. Considering how isolated it is, those who take on the trail have to do ample amounts of planning and preparing.

The road is primarily gravel and decently maintained due to the lack of travelers. Although the route can even be used by truckers, it still makes the list of epic overland adventures because of the distance and scenery of being in the most northern state of the United States.

Trans-American Trail


The ultimate overlanding adventure in the U.S. is none other than the Trans-American. The trail goes from Tennessee to Oregon and is nearly 5,000 miles. It was originally created in an effort to find a coast to coast off-road path. The path incorporates off-road terrain, gravel, and more. The entire trail is a huge feat but well worth it to get a view from the east coast to the west coast from the roads less traveled.




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5 Ultimate Overlanding Adventures in the U.S.