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Top 5 Overlanding Shows on YouTube, and Why you Should be Watching


As the hype of overlanding continues to grow, so does the variety of overlanding shows available.

If you don't know about overlanding, you need to drop what you're doing and look into it.

It's basically the ultimate combination of off-road driving, camping, and other outdoor activities like hiking and fishing.

After several months of reviewing shows on YouTube here are, in my opinion, the best overlanding shows available:

1. Expedition Overland

Expedition Overland is the best all around show. The crew is very entertaining and fun to watch. They also take on unique challenges, such as reaching the northernmost point in Alaska, driving through Central America, and their most recent feat of overlanding through South America.

Plus, leader Clay Croft provides excellent narration and leaves no detail unexplained.  They always check in with the women in the crew to include their perspective, which is really encouraging to female viewers.

2. Mountain State Overland

Just like Expedition Overland, the crew at Mountain State Overland never fails to entertain. They also have some pretty sweet rigs featured on the show.

My favorite thing about it is that they cover the eastern states down into Blue Ridge territory. They show introductory trails as well as more intense ones so there are handy recovery tips throughout.

3. Lifestyle Overland

Lifestyle Overland features a family of three exploring the western and southwestern United States. I love this show because it focuses on a smaller group and really emphasizes the family aspect.

If you have young kids, this show will inspire you to take them along on your outdoor adventures. They offer a lot of insight into trails and opportunities that are great for beginners.

4. Overland Bound

Overland Bound might be the most informational show available. A lot of their videos include gear reviews and tutorials, offering a ton of insight for new overlanders.

What is also great about them is their website, which offers articles, discussion forums, trip planning tools, and more. They really work to build an overlanding community.

5. BOLD Overland

Last but certainly not least is BOLD Overland. Another large crew with epic rigs, BOLD features families and journeys in the northern U.S. Their latest season features the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The show offers insight into longer trips and places heavy emphasis on the journey instead of the trips destination, which is really what overlanding is all about.

That's the gist of what's out there when it comes to the best overlanding shows. Watch and enjoy!



Top 5 Overlanding Shows on YouTube, and Why you Should be Watching