The Ultimate Fly Fishing Gift Guide

It can be hard to find the right fly fishing gifts for the fisherman that has everything. This will help. 

When it comes to fly fishing, most fisherman make sure they are well covered in gear before they head to the water. Perhaps it's just par for the course.

However, when it comes time to find the right fly fishing gifts for those fishermen around the holidays, it can be a struggle.

Well, maybe not.

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There are a few newer, innovative fly fishing companies out there putting out some top notch products that the fisherman in your family probably doesn't have.

Just check this out and see for yourself.

1. Catch Cam Nets

Any fly fisherman worth their waders has a quality net. Do you they have a net that can also take pictures? Well, probably not. Catch Cam Nets offers a very unique take on merging fly fishing with social media. Through a patented attachment process, the angler in your family can attach a GoPro, cell phone, or action camera right to their net. From there, they can take pictures of every fish they catch. These nets are made in America and 100% fisherman tested and trusted. This is one of the fly fishing gifts any fisherman would be happy to have.

2. Spawn Fly Fish

Spawn Fly fish is a small company ran and operated by three life long friends. If you have a fly fisherman that ties their own flies, well, they are going to want to get in on what they have to offer. From completed flies to just the heads, every one of their handcrafted bodies creates a very life like replica of whatever baitfish the fish in their area eat. If you pick up a handful of these and put them in your fly fisherman's stockings, they may not unwrap anything else and start tying right there. Seriously, just check them out and see for yourself.

3. Smith ChromaPop Sunglasses

Easily one of the best additions you can make to a fly fishing toolbox, the ChromaPop technology in Smith's shades is an incredibly amazing advantage. You'll instantly recognize a difference in clarity, color, and contrast whether you're spotting redfish in the flats or eyeing trout in a Rockies stream bed. The prices vary among the styles, but are well worth it.

Springing for quality fly fishing gear used to scare people away because of the hefty investments, but things with big price tags seem to provide the reliability and effectiveness that today's fly fisherman should expect.

Now that you've got ideas for what to get them, maybe you should start planning a fly fishing trip for the New Year...?