Wingham fisheries

U.K. Angler Catches 83-Pound Carp, but Stays Anonymous

This has to be one of the biggest carp caught this year. 

Carp get big. I'm pretty sure we all know that. As it stands today, the current IGFA world record is only 75 pounds. However, people have caught bigger carp that they just didn't register. Now, it appears another carp also breaks that record, but this angler wants to stay anonymous.

The owner of the ponds, Steve Burke of Wingham Fisheries, grows fish like this for a living. For him, he knew this was just a matter of time.

"I didn't allow the captor to lift the fish for a photo," said Burke in an interview. "However, a picture was taken with him kneeling behind the fish. This won't be released as he doesn't want publicity. She swam off very strongly and hopefully someone will catch her again without spawn."

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Located in the U.K., Wingham Fisheries might be the best carp spot in the entire world. This private, members-only fishery offers two lakes to fish from. People catch huge carp there all the time, but it appears these fish are only getting bigger.