Uinta Brewing Honors National Parks With Golden Ale Craft Beer

Uinta Brewing aims to show appreciation and raise awareness for National Parks with their Golden Ale craft beer.

There are few things that climb to the top of an sportsman's passion list like hunting and the outdoors. A close second, however, would definitely be craft beer. Insert Uinta Brewing. The Utah-based brewery is regularly on the list of the nation's largest craft brewers.

Uinta Brewing, pronounced You-In-Tuh, is named after a local mountain range. From the start, Uinta's founders wanted to incorporate their love of exploring the outdoors with their brews. Their tagline states, "Goes well with anywhere."

It comes as little surprise then that the brewery recently started honoring our nation's national parks with one of their signature craft beer brews: the Golden Ale Park Series.

According to the brewery's website, the Golden Ale Park Series is described like this: "A year-round refresher, this golden ale is light bodied and crisp with a subtle sweetness." The cans feature artwork from many of our national parks.

The brew will help celebrate these parks as the national treasures they are, and bring awareness to their value. A personal favorite touch is the compass markings on the top of each can.

As hunters, anglers, and outdoorsmen, it's refreshing to see a brewery take so much pride in their passions outside of craft beer, especially when our mutual interests align and we can celebrate the outdoors. As a regular user of our public parks, Uinta has gained at least one new customer as a result. Cheers!

To find out if the Golden Ale Park Series is available near you, click here.

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