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Ugly Stik Challenge: Can You Really Break One?

Can the Ugly Stik really live up to what it's known for?

For years Ugly Stik rods have remained some of the downright toughest fishing rods on the market. Designed to withstand the biggest fish in the harshest conditions, these rods have been known to be literally unbreakable.

Watch this angler put this Ugly Stik through the ringer to see if it will break.

Ok, yes it broke, but it took a while!

If you're looking for a badass new fishing rod for the upcoming spring season, the team over at Ugly Stik definitely have you covered, no matter what your looking to catch. The Ugly Stik Inshore Select rod is a great choice for anglers looking to fish one rod for multiple fish.

Strong enough to battle the heaviest of freshwater fish and yet still light enough to have the sensitivity that you need to feel bites on smaller fish. This is an outstanding rod to keep in the back of the truck all season long.