Uber Shutting Down Self-Driving Truck Unit

Uber is saying adieu to its self-driving truck division.

The move to shut down Uber's self-driving truck unit comes amidst renewed focus on its self-driving car business. All affected workers have already been notified of the change, with severance or transfers from San Francisco to its car hub in Pittsburgh to fill similar roles.

It has already restarted its self-driving car program, returning to Pittsburgh after a fatal March accident in Tempe, Ariz. by one of its vehicles, operated by a distracted ex-con watching Hulu on her mobile phone.

"We recently took the important step of returning to public roads in Pittsburgh, and as we look to continue that momentum, we believe having our entire team's energy and expertise focused on this effort is the best path forward," said Eric Meyhofer, Uber Advanced Technologies Group head, in a statement.

In its short life, Uber had several successes, including a 120-mile inaugural autonomous delivery of 50,000 Budweiser cans from Fort Collins, Colo. to Colorado Springs. It also completed a purchase for Otto, a self-driving startup, for close to $700 million amidst ongoing court battles with its co-founder, accused of stealing Waymo's trade secrets.

Uber Freight, its freight business connecting shippers with trucking companies, will remain unaffected.