two faced carp

Freaky Two-Faced Carp is the Stuff of Nightmares, But is it Real?

Your jaw will drop just like this two-faced carp when you see how deformed it is.

When Reddit user StuffyUnicorn posted this video GIF of a massively deformed Asian carp it looked immediately like a joke of PhotoShop proportions.

Now it looks like this fish is quite real and there are several explanations. Here's the freaky video and what one source said about it:

Holy Mother of Carp 

Just a guess: by the looks of the area and the folks in the background, I don't think this is in North America, but that's unknown at this time.

It's fairly obvious that this freak of nature is an Asian carp with a crazy deformity, but what is that deformity? While this fish appears to have have two sets of eyes and two mouths, it really only has one of each.

So what else is going on? Well according to some unnamed 'fish biologists' the story seems to lie in the fact that this variety of Asian carp has very low set eyes so the bottom pair are its real ones.

The 'eyes' on top are really the nostrils. The reason for the second mouth may be harder to explain, but it's possible that, due to an injury, the gills have become disconnected from the jaws.

You can just see some of the inner gills through this second lower 'mouth' It all seems reasonably well thought out as an explanation, but the truth may never be known.

What do you think?