hunter sees bobcat
Facebook: Brook Martin

Turkey Hunter Has Chilling Encounter With Bobcat

This definitely isn't the visitor this Iowa hunter was expecting.

The most exciting part of wild turkey hunting or a still hunt during deer season is the first encounter with your quarry. Something about sitting in a blind or a treestand makes the anticipation shoot through the roof. So, when something that gobbler or whitetail does finally show up, it's hard to even sit still.

That said, you're usually hoping to see whatever you have tag for. However, unexpected visitors can be pretty awesome if you're lucky. In this particular clip, we don't see a pesky squirrel or a crow landing in front of the blind, but rather, one of natures' slyest predators.

Watch the video below:

Man, even though that cat would never actually come toward the blind, there's something harrowing about a dangerous animal knowing exactly where you are. That thing stops in its tracks and looks right at this hunter.

In Iowa, where this video was shot, you can legally hunt and trap bobcats during legal hunting seasons.

How long do you think you'd sit there and watch it? Obviously no turkey is going to come in while a bobcat is out in the open. Plus, it was probably a matter of time before that cat destroyed his decoy.

But, you just don't see things like this very often, either. It's a dilemma I often find myself in, as I want to remain objective, but I also have a hard time passing up rare opportunities. In this particular scenario, I'd have a hard time ending this incredible moment.

How about you?