Turkey Hunter Gets More Than He Bargained For — A Full-Grown Charging Moose
Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

Turkey Hunter Gets More Than He Bargained For — A Full-Grown Charging Moose

Sometimes, you're the hunter, and then other times you are the prey. One turkey hunter got more than they bargained for when they tried to hunt the fowl near Blackfoot, Idaho. The hunter came face to face with a full-grown moose and barely lived to tell the tale. The hunter inadvertently came across a mother moose and her two calves.

The moose was startled, and her motherly instincts kicked in. The incident happened on Friday, May 24. The turkey hunter tried to defend himself with two shots. However, the charging moose kept on with the attack. It knocked the hunter to the ground where he managed to fire a third shot that struck the animal.

Fortunately, the hunter was able to escape with his life. However, it's unknown if the moose managed the same. The hunter reported seeing the moose several yards away bedded down.

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Moose Attacks Hunter

The incident with the animal happened on a part of Bureau of Land Management land bordering the Snake River downstream of Wadsworth Island. The turkey hunter accidentally came across the moose and her calves. It was not his intention to hunt the animal. He had been hunting turkeys. After the attack, the hunter experienced significant bruising and said he would seek medical attention if his injuries worsened. The moose ran away after the attack, and he was able to leave.

The hunter also noted that he saw the injured animal several yards away. The animal began grazing while her calves nursed as the hunter left the area. After the incident, Idaho Fish and Game put up warnings near the river. They urged the public to be aware of the moose and her calves and to keep their distance.

Moose aren't typically aggressors (although this Russian woman walking her dog may disagree). However, they will attack if they feel cornered or threatened. As with many things in nature, a mother will protect her children. It's important if you live in moose country to be aware of the area. Moose can be somewhat hard to hear despite their large sizes.

If you do encounter the animal, keep your distance. Do not approach the animal. Try to put as many objects between you and the animal such as trees. Bear spray also works against the animal. Remember to keep safe outdoors. While you may be the hunter, there's always something bigger than you.