yellowstone moose
Credit: Tourons of Yellowstone/Instagram

Yellowstone Moose Charge by Spectators Who Stand Too Close

These people obviously ignored the rules in Yellowstone National Park, saying to keep at least 25 yards away from moose.

Moose have a weird reputation. Some people think of them as stupid while others think of them as slow and clumsy, but the reality is they are fast, agile, and sometimes aggressive.

While experts say moose rarely attack humans, you're still more likely to be attacked by a moose than a bear, which is why officials at Yellowstone say stay at least 25 yards away from them. But some people don't feel the need to heed that advice.

In a recent video emerging from Yellowstone National Park, some spectators tried to get close to a couple of moose in the Round Prairie grassland. The video shows the moose darting across the field toward some people. As they run, the people behind the camera can be heard yelling, "Get'em! Get'em!" Although the spectators weren't trampled, it looked close the moose came pretty close.

In the comments, some also hoped for a moose attack while others reiterated the reasoning behind the rules, saying "they have no desire to meet you" and "respect nature and just admire, why is that so hard to comprehend?"