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This Turkey Call Coffee Table Belongs in Your Man Cave

How would this turkey call coffee table look in your living room?

Sometimes the toughest part of getting ready for a hunt is getting out of bed in the morning. A nice, warm cup of Joe sure doesn't hurt. This coffee table however, would be an epic centerpiece for any turkey caller's man cave.

Dave Marcum, owner of 2M Lumber in Shade, Ohio wanted to make a coffee table with a surface that swiveled by a handle, an identical design to a box call. The surface slides open to reveal a compartment where you can store anything from ammo to turkey calls, or maybe even your secret stash of your favorite coffee beans.

Marcum himself is a turkey hunter as well as a woodworker, so it's only natural that his creativity would connect both his passions to create this work of art.

Dave Marcum

Dave Marcum

The coffee table stands 23" x 54" x 18" tall. As of right now, this one is up for sale at $400. However, if that happens to change by the time you read this, I'm sure he wouldn't mind making more.

In fact, Marcum says he's working on a bigger one, which might even make a great dining table for sharing turkey dinners with the family.