big ole 10 gauge

Turkey Down with the Big Ole 10 Gauge

Sometimes for turkey hunting you have to get out the big guns.

None legal for game are bigger than the mighty 10 gauge shotgun. Witness how quickly the big ole 10 gauge will flatten a gobbler.

TheOutdoorBound shared on Youtube a video of what to use when you really need to put as much lead on a turkey as possible. That would be the massive 10 gauge shotgun.

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This single shot shotgun in the brutal 10 gauge kills at both ends. Recoil from such a lightly built shotgun directs all the recoil directly into your shoulder as I have experienced. On the plus side with 2 full ounces of shot fired with a single trigger pull the old school 10 gauge puts game down for keeps.

Experience the hammer effect on this approaching gobbler from the mighty 10 gauge shotgun. You just might want to add one to your turkey hunting arsenal after all.