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These 10 Gauge Wax Slugs Sure Pack a Punch

How will old school wax slugs work out of a 10 gauge shotgun?

A block of ballistic gelatin is used to see just how destructive that improvised projectile can be.

Watch this video and be amazed by the power of the mighty 10 gauge wax slugs.

Youtube user Iraqveteran8888 has quite a video in store for us. He has made DIY wax slugs for the mighty 10 gauge shotgun.

We have witnessed the destruction they cause from a 12 gauge shotgun, but the 10 gauge shotgun is much larger. A steel plate gets hit hard and then ballistic gelatin is the next target for this wax slug load. The damage is nothing short of impressive.

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These 10 Gauge Wax Slugs Sure Pack a Punch