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Try These Tricks to Keep Warm While Spending Winter Outdoors

Cold winter weather shouldn’t be a good enough excuse to avoid spending time outside.

Sure, if it’s dangerously cold, or a winter storm is barreling through, it’s probably not too smart to head out into the woods for an overnight camp. But, if things are safe, technology has advanced so much these days that there’s plenty of smart ways to stay warm.

If you’re hunting, fishing, hiking, or doing anything outside in the cold months, this post was written specifically for you.

Here are a few hacker-style tips that can go a long way when you’re extending your outdoor excursions into the winter season.

Winter landscape with sunrise in the mountains. The path in the snow. Carpathians, Ukraine, Europe

Layer up

Maybe it’s obvious, but wearing base layers, or even good old long underwear, can help big time when you’re trudging through some snow.

Also, adjust those layers according to the conditions. If it’s windy or wet, a hard-shell jacket that’s breathable and waterproof could go over a fleece or soft-shell


Sportsman’s Guide

You’ll get dehydrated faster than you’d imagine in cold, dry conditions. Be sure to drink plenty of water when you’re outside in the cold. Bring a bottle, or better yet, invest in a hydration pack.

Warm drinks obviously help too. Add some sugar or butter to them for an extra energy boost.

Mind the Extremities

Keeping hands and feet, not to mention fingers and toes, as warm as possible can help you last longer in really cold situations.

Good insulated gloves and boots are key, but going the extra mile with some heated insoles from Thermacell will work wonders.

Carry Spares

Gloves, socks, hats, and especially base layers can get particularly wet if you’re exerting yourself, and there’s nothing worse than a key piece of winter gear failing because it’s waterlogged.

Men's winter fun hike to the pond on the ice-fishing

If you’re able, reserve room to bring extras and swap out when needed.

Pre-Warm Your Stuff

No, we don’t mean stick a pair of mittens in the oven, but we do mean placing them near a warm air vent in a house or car before going outside, or at the very least bringing them indoors.

That way, you’re not sticking your hand or foot into a glove or boot that’s been in the garage or shed in subzero temps. This simple but effective move can make a surprising difference.

Camping During Winter Hiking In Carpathian Mountains

Spending good quality time outside in the winter is really an uncomplicated process; use what you have available to you, and be smart about your choices and your equipment.

If you find you’re in need of stocking up on specific pieces of winter weather gear, try Sportsman’s Guide, which always has an extensive collection up for grabs.


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Try These Tricks to Keep Warm While Spending Winter Outdoors