Avoid Kicking Yourself, Put These 5 Winter Essentials in Your Vehicle

Here are the essentials for your vehicle in winter time; everyone should have these on hand.

Make no mistake: driving anywhere, for any distance, in the winter can be an adventure. Sometimes those adventures are fun, and sometimes they're full-on emergency situations.

To prevent the latter from becoming a serious problem, we have some suggestions from Sportsman's Guide to add to your vehicle while you're traveling through the winter months.

1. Blanket

It might take no more than 5 seconds to think of a blanket, but having something like this U.S. Military Surplus Polartec Blanket in your car is going to give you a leg up should you get stranded.

2. Emergency Signals

These ORION Flares will work wonders should you need to draw attention to yourself. They'll be great for folks driving through the backcountry or mountainous roads during the winter.

3. Food Supply

An Emergency Food Kit like the one here from Augason Farms might not be suitable for an entire family over long periods, but it will help put your mind at ease.

4. Multi-tool

No, this Texsport All Purpose Multi-tool is not overkill. It could actually save your life, and do it multiple ways, should you need it in an emergency.

5. First Aid Kit

Don't neglect to remember a thorough First Aid Kit, as they can really come through in a pinch, especially if vehicle accidents are involved with your predicament.

Don't stress over winter driving, just be prepared and help ease your mind with these backbones of a vehicle kit.