Try This Backlash Trick Next Time You Bungle Your Baitcaster

Spend more time fishing and less time untangling your baitcaster this spring with this backlash trick.

As the days begin to grow longer and the snow in the North begins to melt, it can only mean one thing: you will soon end up with a birdsnest in your baitcaster.

Now this may not be true to everyone, but if using baitcaster reel is new to you, it's bound to happen. We've all been told it takes practice and there are little secrets to less prevent these bungles. No matter how hard we try, it's almost guaranteed however, you and I will spend some time in the boat or along the banks, untangling a mess of fishing line in our baitcaster.

Fishing is a great part of American heritage and never in the future shall we allow our photos to be taken with bird nested baitcasters. This video is just a quick tip to have you spending more of your time fishing and less time untangling.

Think you can do it? We've all seen the tips before, and they are all so similar but why does it seem to never work for us? Maybe it's a combination of things. Are we using the wrong fishing line? Does our braking system need adjusting? Should I just stick to my Mickey Mouse rod and reel?

No matter the problem, we may have found a solution that should take only seconds to fix.

Has this ever happened to you? If you know of any tips or tricks to preventing this, by all means please let us know.

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