True's peaked whale

True's Beaked Whales Filmed Underwater for the First Time

True's beaked whales are filmed underwater for the first time. 

Named for Frederick True in 1913, Mesoplodon mirus or True's beaked whales are known to primarily reside in warm temperate waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. However, some rare sightings of these unique whales have been recorded off the coast of South America and Australia.

These whales, which look similar to porpoises, are extremely rare. One was found dead off the coast of the Canary Islands in 2012 while another was found floating dead near the Azores in 2004.

beaked whale

Mónica Silva via

The whale from the Canary Islands had a white mark on its head which formerly was not common for these whales.

DNA was tested, and the creature was, in fact, a True's beaked whale.

True's beaked whale

Baudilio Quintero via

Because these creatures were found near the archipelagos it appears the region could be good for consistently viewing these majestic and rare animals.

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