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Now, This is Turkey Fan Hunting Done Right

turkey fan hunting

If you've ever wanted to hunt turkeys with a fan, here's how!

Turkey fan hunting or turkey reaping as it is also called is becoming more and more popular as a means to harvest a wild turkey.

It provides an adrenaline rush and brings you up close and personal with the gobbler himself.

Turkey fan hunting looks easy on this video, but it's not always this simple. It takes practice and patience when calling these smart birds in close. Here are a few ways you can maximize your success rate though.

1. Belly crawl

Unless your crawling in tall grass you want to conceal as much as your body as possible so as not to tip that gobbler off that there's something else behind that fan. Be ready to scrape your knees and elbows especially if you have a few hundred yards to crawl.

2. Be ready

turkey fan hunting

I like to have my gun in my dominant hand and the turkey fan in my other hand, so I can pop out real quick and take a shot, however, sometimes this makes crawling difficult, so whichever is most comfortable for you is best.

3. Crawl uphill

Your chance of success is much higher when you crawl up towards the tom instead of down. The same concept applies from belly crawling. If the gobbler can see your body coming down hill he'll know something isn't right and either spook or start walking the opposite direction of you.

4. Don't fan hunt on public land

I hope this is obvious enough because if another hunter mistakes you for a bird, it'll make for a bad day.

5. Keep an eye out for hens

If you're not paying attention and a hen that may not be with the gobbler your approaching sees you, your hunt could be over. This is more so if you're attempting this in any kind of timber where there might be some blind spots.

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Now, This is Turkey Fan Hunting Done Right