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True Story: Man Catches Fish With Combination Wrench

fish with a combination wrench

Nowadays, you see people fishing in all kinds of different ways, but this guy takes it to another level.

Break out your toolbox if you want to try for yourself! Watch as this fisherman catches a fish with a combination wrench.

Jig paling rare..igt ikan tkmau ka???

Posted by Saya suka memancing on Thursday, October 26, 2017

Sometimes you just have to see something to believe it. Catching fish with a wrench certainly is one of those situations.

In a video shared on Facebook by Saya suka memancing, we witness a fisherman tie a combination wrench to his line with a hook. What we witness this angler pulling from the deep abyss with this impromptu tackle is just mind-blowing.

Next time you’re in the garage and see that pile of unused wrenches, throw them in your boat. You just might land yourself a beast with the oddest artificial lure ever.

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True Story: Man Catches Fish With Combination Wrench