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Ohio Man's Insane Trophy Room Features 70+ Pope and Young Bucks

Trophy Room
YouTube: Exodus Trail Cameras

The Reed family may have the single most impressive whitetail trophy room in North America.

There is no shortage of hunters out there with impressive trophy rooms. We see them almost every day here at Wide Open Spaces. However, sometimes there is a trophy room that truly makes our jaws drop as we just observe in awe of a hunter's accomplishments.

That is the case with today's video. It's another installment in Exodus Trail Camera's excellent "Whitetail Cribs" series of videos in which they showcase the trophy rooms of hunters across North America.

The Whitetail Cribs crew doesn't just profile the pros. They also interview average Joes with regular day jobs. Either way, it's cool to see what other hunters have on their walls. Today's video, profiling James Reed of Ohio and his family is one of the most impressive trophy rooms we've seen yet. He has 71 Pope & Young class whitetails on his wall.

Yes, you read that correctly. Seventy-one. This is one trophy room you must see to believe.

We all have that one hunting buddy that seems to down a great buck season after season. The man or woman who eats, sleeps and breathes whitetails. Well, we hate to say it, but Reed has even that person beat in our inner circle. We're not sure we have ever seen so many 170-inch plus bucks in one place before!

Of course, he puts the work in. When he's talking about hunting 14 days in a row, that's a level of dedication that not every hunter can match. It takes a lot of hard work to put down bucks like this and he's simply on another level of dedication to it.

There are some obvious similarities with many of these racks, which seems to indicate many are coming from the same area. Coming from a big buck hotspot like Ohio, we're not too surprised by that. Still, it's obvious that Reed knows how to pin down and kill big whitetails. Now his kids are proudly carrying on that tradition.

Awesome trophy room James, we're jealous!

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Ohio Man's Insane Trophy Room Features 70+ Pope and Young Bucks