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Jaw-Dropping Trophy Room of Antler Collector Contains Some of the Biggest Whitetail Bucks to Ever Live

This guy has some of the most famous bucks ever in his trophy room.

Who doesn't enjoy a good trophy room tour? It's always fun to visit another hunter, see their bucks and hear the amazing stories behind the animals. Ohio resident Keith Snider has a standard trophy room filled with giant bucks that is enough to make any hunter jealous. However, he also has a second trophy room that will leave most hunter's jaws on the floor.

That's because his secondary trophy room contains some of the biggest whitetails that have ever lived here in North America. Snider is a die-hard antler collector and he's managed to collect some true giants over the years.

In the latest episode of Exodus Trail Camera's "Whitetail Cribs" series, Snider takes us through his second trophy room, which he calls the North American Monster Whitetail Collection. Some of the whitetails he has managed to acquire over the years are the stuff of hunter's dreams.

We probably don't want to know how much Snider has invested in this collection, but it's darned impressive. Bucks of this caliber simply don't come around every day. To see them all in one location just makes this the most impressive mancave ever. Snider has famous deer like the Arkansas state record and the Illinois roadkill hanging on his walls.

We especially liked that chocolate-colored Georgia non-typical that was killed near where the world record largemouth bass was caught. That's quite the coincidence and just adds a bit more mystique to the rack.

We can't blame him for wanting to have a replica of the Jordan buck, the most famous 10-pointer ever or a replica of "The General" either. That buck has one of the best stories ever. A total ghost of a deer that is only known from that one set of sheds. Had he fallen to a hunter, it's likely the world record for a typical deer would never be broken because of how massive he was.

This was quite the impressive collection and probably a good investment too considering how much the price for a massive set of antlers has gone up over the years. Thanks for sharing your collection with the world Keith!

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